What are VIN Numbers?

VIN numbers are a 17 character identification composed of letters and digits. Every car manufactured since 1981 has a unique 17 character VIN. These numbers are usually located on the front right corner of your dashboard as you face the car or under the hood.

VIN Numbers 
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With a Car History Report, you can check:

vin number Major Accident?
Major accident damage severely affects the safety and resale value of a vehicle. Don't make a costly mistake - do a free vin number search to avoid buying a rebuilt wreck.
vin numbers Salvaged or Lemon?
A free vin number check can uncover if this vehicle was damaged in a major accident or wreck. These damaged cars are often sold to buyers without disclosing the problem past.
vin search Odometer Check?
Is the odometer showing the actual mileage? Odometers often malfunction and no longer record the proper mileage reading.
vin number Stolen Vehicle?
Law enforcement officials have notified other government agencies that an owner has reported a vehicle missing. This vehicle may have since been legitimately recovered.

VIN Number Details:

Your vin number sets autos apart from the millions of automobiles out there. Recently the VIN is reflected by 17 digit characters. It displays a car's uniqueness and manufacturer and provides a search method to check your auto from the factory to the junk yard. Vin Numbers can be used to track auto recalls, car registrations, vehicle warranty claims, thefts and auto insurance coverage.

Common locations of the VIN numbers vary; but the following are places to look:

  • Windshield dashboard
  • Drivers door or post on passenger side
  • Firewall of the vehicle
  • Left hand inner wheel arch
  • Steering column

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